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Hisleep Mattress

Aisilin Spring Mattress

Bonnel Spring chassis made out  of high quality steel wire. encased in thermo bounded felt and covered with non-woven cloth to prevent dust and bacterial entry. In addition to the above. PU Foam side wall is provided for  extra strength of the edges and  the double side pillow top made out of quality foam and jacquard knitted cloth allows usage of both side and enhances comfort and life of the mattress.

Economy Plus Spring Mattress

Double side pillow top spring mattress, built with Bonnel spring chassis with steel wire, encased in thermo bonded felt with PU foam sidewall provides comfort and support. The double side pillow top made out of quality foam and jacquard fabric allows usage both sides and enhances the life of mattress.

Economy Spring Mattress

Economy spring mattress built with high-quality steel with Bonnel spring chassis with PU foam sidewall which provides support and is covered with thermo bonded felt. Synthetic fabric and multiple layers of foam used for qualifying the mattress

Elena Pocketed Spring Mattress

Basic Pocketed Spring Mattress with spring coils encased in non-woven cloth, supported with steel wire frame, covered with thermo bonded felt and furnished with and jacquard fabric plus soft foam quilting. The pocketed spring has more action, hence give additional comfort. Pocketed spring chassis adjusts according to body weight and if a person change his posture or side the partner is not disturbed

Glossimo Spring Mattress

Box top spring mattress with high tensile Bonnel spring chassis, encased in thermo bonded felt and furnished with non-woven cloth, super soft foam and jacquard knitted fabric quilting. Having PU foam side wall provides unmatched level of support up to the edges of the mattress apart from giving strength and comfort. The Air ventilator used on the s feeling.ides of the mattress provides fresh air passage inside the mattress and ejecting the hot air gives you and air conditioned.

Life OK

Manufactured with the supervision of leading orthopedic specialists. LIFE OK Mattress provides needed support to your spine while keeping the curves and spine intact. It is built with crushed and compressed rebounded PU foam and high density coir sheet in between the layers of re-bounded foam . It gives a firm surface, eradicating backpain and body pain

Life Ok Memory Plus

Box top mattress, furnished with luxury jacquard knitted fabric plus memory foam quilting over the re-bounded foam chassis, LIFE OK Memory Plus orthopedic mattress allows your body to get proper rest at the same time gives comfort.  The memory foam on the top provides cool impact , even absorbs body heat and provides air conditioned heat.

Luxato Spring Mattress

Luxato is the ultimate luxury spring mattress with comfy technology. The pocketed spring encased in non-woven cloth gives independent champers according to the body weight of person using it. The memory foam top used above the pocketed spring chassis gives the Royal sleep with ultimate comfort. The mattress gives you extra advantage of lesser motion felt by the partner

Nidra Coir Mattress

Nidra coir mattress have multiple layers of PU foam quilting in quality cotton cloth. Medium density coir sheets are used to manufacture which helps to reduce the possibility of sagging and damages

Ragam Coir Mattress

Ragam coir mattress is built with multiple layers of latex mixed coir sheets of high density to provide firmness and accurate support to the body. Multiple layers of PU foam quilted on jacquard fabric gives smooth feel. The hessian cloth pasted on the 4 sides of the bare gives extra strength and durability to the mattress.

Snooze Spring Mattress

If pure comfort is what you are looking for, snooze is the ideal mattress, Bonnel spring chassis encased in thermo bonded cotton felt, furnished with luxury knitted fabric plus memory foam quilting gives relaxation and comfort. The memory pillow foam top provides cool effect to your body and mind the look and style of this mattress gives elegance to your bed room.

Suvarna Coir Mattress

Ultimate pillow top coir mattress made out High density Curled Natural coir fibre sheets mixed wit Latex covered, with Thermo bonded cotton felt, Quilted with High GSM Jacquard product fabric and Super soft foam pillow top. Suvarna mattress another name in excellence Class and Craft. The ultimate sleep solution.

Varna Coir Mattress

Eco Friendly coir mattress made out high density latex mixed coir fibre sheets. Four sides covered with hessian cloth to enhance the durability. To provide comfort , Jacquard knitted fabric plus super soft foam is used for quilting. To enhance comfort and durability, High quality PU foam is used in between coir sheets which make the mattress is more comfortable.

Vismaya Coir Mattress

Vismaya is our basic coir mattress with latex mixed coir fibre sheets quilted with imported fabric, foam layer. Sides of the Coir sheets are covered with hessian cloth to prevent the coir fibre coming out mattress.

Yasia Spring Mattress

High tensile Bonnel spring chassis made with steel wire, encased in thermo bonded cotton felt and quilted with jacquard knitted fabric and quality foam. PU sidewall provides extra support and comfort while sitting or lying even on the edge of the mattress.