Lack of Sleep And Diabetes Some factors: You Have to now.

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November 14thobserved as World Diabetes Day, every Special Day grabbed our attention to the importance of the particular day. The theme of Diabetes Day in 2021 is ‘Acces To Diabetes Care’ – immediate medical attention is vital in diabetic cases. Otherwise, it may go dangerous.

Millions of people with diabetes around the world do not have access to better treatment. India is the second-largest country having diabetes patients. One in six diabetes in the world is from India.

Sleep Disorder or Obstructive Sleep is seen among Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM). Higher rates of insomnia, poor sleep quality, daytime fatigue and sleepiness tag up with diabetes.

How To Improve Sleep Quality For Diabetes People

[A] Keep Your Blood Sugar Level Good.

Maintain your blood sugar level under control. Consult your doctor as early as possible when you feel any kind of discomfort or confusion.

[B] Keep Way From Beverages:

Stay away from beverages like coffee or tea during the night.

[C] Go With Regular Exercise:

Keep a regular exercise routine. Morning walk is a better option that will help to maintain your sugar level in good condition.

[D] Maintain Healthy Weight Profile:

To a big extent, excessive weight may lead to diabetes. Our sedentary lifestyle put up your weight. So the first step of maintaining your health is to keep a healthy weight.

[E] Power Up Your Protein:

Reduce carbohydrate content food from your food habit. And try to choose protein content food like nuts. Add up vegetables and leaves as much as possible to your daily diet.

[F] Maintain a Healthy Bed Room:

Make sure your bedroom is free from blue lights. Never put/ plug mobile phone/ Laptop or Tabs in and around your bed. Keep your bed and beddings clean and hygienic. And try to use Quality Mattress with comfort features that will help you to fall asleep fast.

[G] Keep Regular Bedtime:

Always try to keep a regular routine to sleep and wake up. Likewise breathing exercises and bedtime reading may help you for a speedy sleep.

[H] Avoid Day Nap:

If you take a daytime nap it will not exceed 20 minutes.