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Hi -Sleep Mattress came into being two decades ago from UPAS Rubbererised Coir Products based out Nilambur, Malappuram. Mr.Samad, the founder and mentor of UPAS has been a man of new vision, long perception, dedication and hardworking who kicked off his entrepreneur journey with big dreams.

His handful of experience working across the Middle East shaped and polished his idea and vision into the golden line of success and accomplishment. Hi Sleep’s story started with a humble beginning with a minimum resource. But the lackings were a springboard for us to drive up.
We are proud of our more than twenty thousand satisfied customers and they fondly call us ‘ Sleep Expert’.

The responsibility entrusted to us by our satisfied customers keep us more passionate and dedicated to delivering the best understanding of their needs and wishes. We are always on the track of renovation and innovation that stay us in the front line of the best sleeping solution companies. Our research and analysis wing, indusry best technology, handpicked premium quality materials, expert and dedicated technicians, our distribution channel, customer support, spirited retail outlets and even our communication partner are stand up single-mindedly to deliver you an uninterrupted goodnight sleep for every night.