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Better sleep is an integral part of well- beingness in one’s life. With a whole day’s hectic work schedule, one has to sleep at least 7 hours at night, meaning an uninterrupted deep sleep. It is a fact that a comfortable mattress has a pivotal role in quality sleep. After in-depth research, we discovered a brilliant sleeping formula with which we developed a better sleeping solution which is HiSleep Mattress. The best mattress in India. And our thousands of satisfied customers fondly call us ‘Sleep Expert’.

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Sweet Dreams Blooms With The Sleep






Snooze Spring Mattress

Economy Spring Mattress

Nidra Coir Mattress

Yasia Spring Mattress

Comfortable  Mattress is a needful one for quality sleep. Our wide range of cozy mattresses made out of premium material assures you uninterrupted sleep

Why Should You Choose Hi-Sleep Mattress?

Hi- Sleep Mattress is absolutely comfortable. It’s made out of premium quality material intending for long use. Strong post-sale service and logical pricing are hands in hand.

[without any kind of dissatisfaction.Every piece of product is subjected to a quality inspection before going to the market.Hi Sleep Mattress has been comfy and luxurious at every point. Research and innovation keep us in the front line of the Sleep solution industry.]